Sunday, July 24, 2011


I love collecting quotes! Unfortunately, I don't have a very good method of collecting, but I'm working on it. I love that other people can say what I'm thinking more eloquently than I ever could. Quotes can be so inspirational. But it's also funny to think about how people never know if what they say will be remembered. Most quotes are probably from the times that the person felt unheard or thought what they said doesn't matter. It just goes to show that you need to be careful what you say! Cause it could be recorded...and end up on my blog ;)

Just as a preface, a lot of my quotes are from church lessons and such, so most are religious. But occasionally I'll throw in some funny ones! Here are a few quotes I came across yesterday (while cleaning my room). I grouped these together because they all talk about overcoming discouragement and choosing to be happy. I think the choice to be happy is one of the hardest choices we are ever faced with. Not only do we have to get over any negative feelings like embarrassment, jealousy, lack of confidence, or shyness, but we have to actively do things that show our happiness, like laugh, play, smile, and lift others. The amazing thing is that as we do these actions, we actually do become happier. It's just taking that first step that catches most people.

"Don't be discourage at seemingly overwhelming adds in your desire to live and help other's live God's commandments. At times it may seem like David trying to fight Goliath. But remember, David did win."
-David B. Haight

"Staying the Course" by B.J. Gallagher
Our journey of life is about progress, not perfection.
It's not about doing one this 100% better--
It's a matter of doing 100 things 1% better each day.
Progress is evolutionary, not revolutionary.
And most days we measure our progress in inches, not miles.
What matters most is showing up for your life,
whether you feel like it or not.
Ask yourself, "What tow or three little things can I do today
that would move me forward?"
You'll be amazed at how much distance you can cover
by taking it in increments.
The little things add up, the inches turn to miles;
and we string together our efforts like so many pearls.
Before long, look what you have--
a whole strand!

"Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but what happens inside of you"
-Harold B. Lee

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Window To His Love

So as most people know, I am Mormon and proud of it :) I love my Savior Jesus Christ and strive every day to become more like Him. I sang a song in church today by Julie DeAzevedo called "A Window To His Love," and I just wanted to share some of the lyrics because I think they are beautiful.

I want to be a window to His love,
So when you look at me you will see Him.
I want to be so pure and clear that you won't even know I'm here
'Cause His love will shine brightly through me.
A window to His love, a doorway to the truth,
A bearer of the message He'd have me bring to you.
And with each passing day, I want to fade away.
So only He can be seen
 and I become a window to His love.

I know it is super cheesy to quote a song or whatever, but it's Sunday and I wanted to write a post that actually means something and doesn't just list the trivial things I do during the day. I love this song because it reminds me what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm supposed to be trying every day to become like Christ and share His love with others. It's often said that our prayers are answered through other people, but what if those people aren't paying attention? I never want to be someone that God can't rely on to answer someone's prayer. I always want to be the instrument that he can depend on to help and serve other people. Not saying that I am right now, just that I want to be. Life isn't about being the best by yourself, it's about forgetting yourself and becoming the Lord's best. Being a window to His love means having that perfect love within you and shining it to others. Our actions shouldn't be aimed to glorify ourselves, but to praise our Heavenly Father, show gratitude for our talents and blessings, and help God's children know that He loves and knows them. I know I'm not perfect at this, but the important part is if we are trying. It's not about how far along the path we are, but if we're moving in the right direction. Gordon B. Hinckley often said, "Try a little bit harder to be alittle bit better today." We just need to grow and improve little by little, step by step. After all, it's through small and simple things that the Lord brings great things to pass.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vive le Tour de France!

Little known fact about me: I LOVE THE TOUR DE FRANCE. You might laugh and just think I'm exaggerating about this little hobby of mine, but I'm really not. I have watched every day of this epic month-long race for the past 13 years...since I was 6 years old. It al began when my family lived in northern Spain. We just started watching it since it was relatively local; France was just a few hours from our house, and sometimes the Tour dips down into Spain. Little did we know that the sport of cycling's most prestigious race would become my summer passtime.

I am still to this day a huge Lance Armstrong fan (of his athletic ability and story, not necessarily his personal life...). Confession: From about sixth to eighth grade, I would save every newspaper article about the tour (Lance in particular). Then, I hung them in my locker the next school year. This is how serious it was! My favorite headline was when Lance (or "Lancey," as was my mother's and my preferred nickname for him) won his sixth Tour: "Texas Six-Shooter." Classic. It's been really hard for me to watch the Tour since he stopped cycling, but don't worry, I've pushed through to the next generation of cyclists. However, its always comforting when the amusingly accented announcers Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin say a name of one of the older generation riders still racing: Leipheimer, Hincapie, Vinokourov, Kloden. I'm excited for some of the younger riders too though, especially ones that I feel like I've watched develop over the years since I've begun my spectating ways.

This year's race has been mayhem. Literally, there are very serious crashes everyday that have resulted in race leaders and podium hopefuls dropping out. Yesterday's stage, for instance, had at least three major crashes, including one where a media car knocked two riders off the road! Despicable. I just hope that things will calm down crash-wise. There is still a lot of racing left and I don't think I'll be able to handle any more of my favorites being stuck in a ditch somewhere on the side of a French road.

I know, most of you are thinking that it's just plain weird that I love this race so much. I know it is. I don't even remember the last time I actually rode a bike. But, this is just like I every other sport I like: I don't do it or participate in any way, other than watching. I am an expert spectater, and I'm proud of it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Inauguration!

This is my first inaugural post of my classy adventures! I don't have anything too terribly exciting to report, but I thought I would just do a quick update on what summer has brought along thus far. I'm home in Texas, enjoying the wonderful HOT weather and the nice cool pool. Chase came and visited last weekend, and he was able to catch a fireworks show with us.

Sittin' on the tailgate watching the Southlake fireworks!

So happy he got to visit!
The 4th of July was really fun- the Dicksons came up from Austin and Paul, Cortney, and baby Caitlin Dickson were down from Utah. It was so fun to spend the day with all of them, swim, make homemade ice cream, and celebrate the country's birthday :) Cort and Caitlin stayed through the week and I thoroughly enjoyed being the best aunt ever to my precious little niece. We also went to the Rangers vs. Orioles baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington. It was a fun outing, even though the Orioles didn't play as well (yes... we were cheering for Baltimore).
Dad doing his thing with the ice cream maker. The results were as delicious as always :)
At the baseball game with Cort. We had such good seats!