Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Inauguration!

This is my first inaugural post of my classy adventures! I don't have anything too terribly exciting to report, but I thought I would just do a quick update on what summer has brought along thus far. I'm home in Texas, enjoying the wonderful HOT weather and the nice cool pool. Chase came and visited last weekend, and he was able to catch a fireworks show with us.

Sittin' on the tailgate watching the Southlake fireworks!

So happy he got to visit!
The 4th of July was really fun- the Dicksons came up from Austin and Paul, Cortney, and baby Caitlin Dickson were down from Utah. It was so fun to spend the day with all of them, swim, make homemade ice cream, and celebrate the country's birthday :) Cort and Caitlin stayed through the week and I thoroughly enjoyed being the best aunt ever to my precious little niece. We also went to the Rangers vs. Orioles baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington. It was a fun outing, even though the Orioles didn't play as well (yes... we were cheering for Baltimore).
Dad doing his thing with the ice cream maker. The results were as delicious as always :)
At the baseball game with Cort. We had such good seats!

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