Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dancing Queen

...Young and sweet, only seventeeeeen Ohooohohohohohohohoooooohhh! Just admit it: you sang along as you read the title. Whit and I have just been dancing our socks off recently. Every Wednesday night, the Provo community center has Country dancing, and it is so fun! Whitney is taking a country-western dance class, so she's been wanting to strut her stuff on the dance floor, and, naturally, I wanted to come along and watch. It also helped that I got a new pair of cowgirl boots for Christmas, so I needed to break them in with a few line dances. We went dancing with two other girls from the JC, Andie and Marianne, and we all had the best time! I was a little worried that there wouldn't be very many guys for us to dance with, but there was a surprising number of available young (and older...) men that were willing to push us around the dance floor. I'm not a super talented dancer, and I don't know a lot of fun country moves, but I got pretty good at following the guys! I did a few turns, a few dips, some cool twisty arms things, and even a back flip. This is serious stuff at the Center. Most of the guys are really nice, but every so often you get an older man who is a little bit on the creepy side and puts his face way to close to yours. I guess it's just the price you have to be willing to pay to go dancing as a single lady haha. Overall, though, Country Dancing Wednesday will probably become a beloved tradition.

Our second dancing occasion this week was the Girls' Choice Winter Ball. I am pretty proud of myself actually, because I have never asked a boy to a Girls' Choice dance before, but I did this time! My whole apartment decided to ask some boys in our ward, so it wasn't as scary or awkward as I imagined it being. I think we all had a fun time! It was a semi-formal/formal dance, so it was a good excuse to dress up and get all fancy :) (Except I completely forgot to take pictures, which almost defeats the point of dressing up, but oh well.) We first cooked dinner for our dates and made them Chicken Alfredo. My roommate Emily also made these awesome little desserts too- mini cheesecakes with a cookie crust and cherry topping. Um, delicious. Then, we were off to the dance! There was a pretty good turnout, and we all just had fun dancing and being goofy. We even got to meet up with some JC friends- Robin, Jeff, Amy, and Eliza. It was so fun to hang out with them. It ended up being a really fun night full of food, good company, and lots of dancing.

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