Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Galilee- Day 4

Thursday, November 17
We just had class in the morning today, so nothing too exciting happened. It’s nice having our field trips every other day since they’re so tiring! We go all day long without stopping, even for lunch. Yay for sack lunches on the bus! (but we’re actually really sick of them...) So luckily today we had lunch at the Kibbutz. The food here has been really good! The only funny thing is that the dining room is completely Kosher, so there are different rules. For example, there is no mixing of meat and dairy products in the same meal, so breakfast and lunch are usually meat free with a dairy component, and dinner is meat with no dairy. The Oasis at the JC doesn’t follow Kosher law. But otherwise, the food is yummy at Ein Gev (especially the granola for breakfast.) The only sad part about today though was that they leave a very short window open for us to get food. Today they pushed lunch up about 30 minutes, and both Whitney and I thought they would still be open for an hour. But we were wrong. We showed up and lunch was closed. Yes, we had no lunch. It was a very sad occasion for us because we were hungry girls, and there is no other place on the kibbutz to get food! We were able to beg some rolls out of one of the younger male servers at the restaurant, but otherwise, we were on our own. Then Whit remembered she had a dragon fruit in her little fridge! Don’t ask me why she had one... but bless her heart. I’d never had a dragon fruit before, so I was excited to try it! We had the kind with the bright magenta fruit on the inside, and it was pretty good. We felt like such wilderness savages though because we didn’t have any knives or napkins or anything, so here we are peeling this dragon fruit with our bare hands and eating over the sink as it drips down our hands and chin. So attractive. The rest of the day we spent doing homework, then we fall asleep for a few hours watching the news. We figured we shouldn’t do anything too active on an empty stomach... at least that’s what we told ourselves.

For dinner, Brother Harper’s class went to Tiberias for dinner. Tiberias is almost directly across the sea from Ein Gev, but we took a bus around the coast to get there. We went to a fun little fish restaurant. Whit and I heard that the fish wasn’t very filling though, so I got pizza, she got the fish, and we did halfsies. I was really glad we got the fish though, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on eating fish from Galilee. After dinner we were able to walk around Galilee. It’s a cute little harbor town, but it’s very quiet after dark, so there wasn’t much to do. Of course, the ice cream and hot chocolate shops are always open, so we were forced to buy treats there. I mean, I would say that I really tried to resist, but that would be a lie. I am my mother’s daughter, after all. Other than the very nice Disney medley we sang on the bus ride to and from Tiberias, nothing much else happened!

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