Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Los Padres Pelton! Ayayay

This past weekend was President's Day and a visit from los Padres Pelton! They pretty much come up to Provo and visit for a weekend or so every month, and I love it. There is nothing like a visit from Mom and Dad to lift your spirits, fill your tummy, and ease your stress. (Not to mention, the long weekend was very much appreciated.) On Thursday, I had dinner at Zupas with my mom, Sister Bell, and a bunch of girls from the Southlake Ward! It was so good to catch up with my hometown girls and reconnect. I miss them, and it's so lovely to see their beautiful faces :) Friday night I went to the BYU Singer's concert with Ben, which was spectacular. I am always so impressed by the talent here at BYU... incredible. On Saturday, I had to face the necessary evil of the Testing Center and take an Econ test. No comment on how that went. Luckily, though, I was able to recover with some delicious Mexican food and a family game night! Bacon-wrapped, cheese-smothered shrimp fajitas and a few rounds of Farkle were just what the doctor ordered. Especially the shrimp fajitas. Sunday night we had our family dinner, and my mom made shrimp creole (again, the shrimp!!!). It was amazingly delicious and filled my tummy enough to get me ready the next day for... SKIING. I love to ski, and I love even more to ski with my family. Only my dad, Chelsea, Paul, and I were able to go, but it was still really fun. It was the first real good snow of the season and a beautiful, sunny day. Granted, Sundance was teeming with pre-teens and families alike,  trying to take advantage of the free day of good snow, but it was still fun once you got past the crowds. I  made a goal to go skiing more this semester, and I've gone about 4 times already, which I feel is pretty good! Could be better, but still good. After skiing, we parted ways, and I tried to be productive and do homework (which was silly to think that I'd do that after a day of skiing, but at least I'm optimistic). We then had dinner at Macaroni Grill, one of my favorites. The highlight of my night was probably when Cortney was asked Caitlin where Auntie Cassie was, and Caitlin pointed right at me and smiled! My heart melted, I was so happy. It was so fun to spend time with mis padres and mi familia! Can't wait until next month's visit ;)
Me, Daddy, and Chelsea at Sundance

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  1. Cassie! I noticed your shout out to Ann Taylor Loft's corduroy pants in your What I'm wear box! My mom works there so I may own like three pairs!! I love them too!!
    Looks like you had a fun weekend with your parents!! I miss you!! Daniel says hi. :)