Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back with a blogging vengeance.

I guess everyone has those times when certain things (ahem, blogging) just don't get done. And I'm okay with that. But now I'm back-- meaning it's summer and I'm home and I have nothing else to do, so I'll catch up on blogging! Well, "catching up" might very well be impossible, but I'll include some highlights:

My 20th Birthday! I had a wonderful party at my apartment in April, right in time to kick off finals week. I had so may dear friends come, and some new ones too! It was so fun to host a party and get food and decorations and pinatas and cake. Costco definitely came in handy. It was a really fun night, and Whitney and I decided we really like throwing parties. And being 20 isn't too bad either.


Spring Term. If you thought school was over after finals in April, think again! I decided to also take classes during Spring term, which was from the end of April to middle of June. I took a Spanish class and a Linguistics class, which both solidified my decision to become a Linguistics major and Spanish minor... surprise! I haven't officially made the switch yet, but I'm really excited about it.

Nolan Paul Dickson! My new nephew was born on June 6th at 6:06 pm... yes, it's 6:06 on 6/6/12. That is too perfect, right? He is so cute and such a little bundle of joy! I am such a haappy auntie to have both a niece and a nephew now, and both too cute to boot. He is such a sweet baby.

4th of July. Happy Independence Day! Today was really fun, mostly because I got to see THE BEACH BOYS LIVE IN CONCERT!! I went to Stadium of Fire with Cortney and Paul, and it was awesome. First, Scotty McCreery sang, then the Beach Boys took the stage. I can't believe that I got to see such an iconic band play live! Yes, I realize that they are pretty old school and getting up there in years, but they still sounded exactly the same, meaning they sounded awesome. I loved singing along to every song in celebration of our blessed and wonderful country. God bless America!

Summertime living. Basically summer has been pretty relaxed. I was working for a bit until July and taking classes, but once those were over, I wasn't really doing anything. I honestly don't think I will ever have another summer like this in my entire life, just not doing anything. So, I decided to go home to Texas for a bit. It was only going to be about a week's long trip, but through a few changes and rearrangings, it's turned into about a month-long trip! And I couldn't be more happy about being home in the Lone Star State :)

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