Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Keep smiling!"

This is what I got in the library today :) I had kind of a stressful day today. You know how it gets just a few weeks from the end of the semester: big research papers due, work piling up, concerts and rehearsals for Women's Chorus, lots of tests (right before finals... seriously professors?!). It's crazy. So I was working on my research paper in the library today, and I decided to go to the Periodicals section. This was weird for me. For some reason, I tend to study in the maps and science sections on the second floor. Don't ask why. I think it might because there is usually an available computer, and my phone doesn't get as good reception, so I'm less tempted to text (doesn't stop me completely though). Anyways, today I decided to have a little change in scenery and move to another section. As I was working, someone came and sat at my table. Naturally, I look up to see who it is, and I just give them a smile. I figured no one would want to sit diagonally across a table from someone who was grumpy. We didn't talk or anything, just silently worked on our individual assignments. He eventually got packed up to leave again, and as he was walking away, he slid a little sheet of paper towards me. And this was the note that I got! I was so caught off guard! What's especially funny about this is all the hype BYU got from the last anonymous note-giving in the HBLL. If you didn't hear about it, apparently a boy was offended by a girl's dress (he thought it didn't keep with the honor code) and wrote her a note about it on Valentine's day. But I couldn't have been happier with the note that I received today. Little did this boy know that he truly made my day so much better. So thank you anonymous BYU boy in Periodicals. Keep smiling :)

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