Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MPPP #2: Bownanza

I love bows. Any kind of bow, really. It's such a quintessential Southern trademark, and I love all things Southern. I used to wear bows in my ponytails all the time, but then I cut my hair, and thus my bow-wearing habits. Now that my hair is longer, though, I've been wanting to wear them again. Pinterest has had a lot of really great bow-inspiration, so I gathered all my little ribbon scraps at home and got to work. I did a combination of bow-tie bows and game-day bows, depending on the look I was going for. I even did both styles in certain ribbons, just for the versatility. Here is the tutorial I used for the game-day bow. I followed the game-day bow tutorial pretty closely, and it was really helpful. The only modifications I made were 1) not attaching a barrette, and 2)making a bow with three loops instead of just two (you just wrap it around the card one more time). Since I didn't want to go out and buy hair clips or anything, I just made sure that when I glued the middle ribbon around, I left a spot to put a bobby pin through the back. The bow-tie bow was more of a trial-and-error venture, then I based it off of the game-day bow. Basically, I ended up just making a large loop with the ribbon, doing a running-stitch down the middle, pulling the thread to bunch it, then wrapping the thread around the middle (just like the game-day). The only difference, really is the loop at the beginning. I made about 10 bows pretty quickly; it didn't take too long to get the hang of it and start doing my own variations. I used a variety of ribbon widths and styles, so each one turned out kinda different, but I like them.

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