Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3.27.13: MTC arrival day

(Cortney here) 
Today was the big day! We dropped off Sister Pelton at the Provo MTC at 1:30. We went to Cafe Rio to eat beforehand and then took pictures by the Provo temple. Then we got in the long line of cars and finally got into the MTC gates and dropped her off. She kept it together and didn't cry at all. The send off was short and sweet and she had said before that she was nervous but when we were leaving she was all smiles. 
Crazy to think how much the kiddos will change while she is gone... Nolan will be Caitlin's age, and Chelsea's baby Zoey will be over a year old!
 Mom & Dad were on speakerphone through the whole event.
 Last Goodbyes, and away she went.

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