Friday, February 28, 2014

Month in Review: February

February was a flurry for the Greens!

Matt: He has stayed busy with school, ROTC, and especially BYU Rugby. The team has officially started the season! They had a pre-season tournament down in Mesquite, Nevada, which I was able to attend. It was about a 4-5 hour drive, so Matt's cousin Noke came with me. It was fun to get a little sunshine and watch the team dominate. Matt also went with the team to San Francisco to play St. Mary's. I was excited that he got to travel with the team (not every player does), but I did not like the fact that he was away for three days...and over Valentine's Day, too! Our first Valentine's Day as a married couple was not exactly how I imagined it. Luckily we have a few more years to get it right. Now, most of the Rugby games will be at BYU.

Me: I am still in love with school (big surprise). My linguistics classes are a dream, and I'm so happy to be back on campus. I always joke with Matt and my parents that I just want to be a professional student! If only they could pay me, instead of the other way around. I'm a Teaching Assistant for a political science writing and research class, which is time consuming but fun. I get to hold office hours and teach my own lab of 20 students. Because it's a writing class, though, all of the assignments are extremely lengthy papers... they take FOREVER to grade! It's all about time management, I guess. Matt and I both finished off the month with midterms (yay!).

Together: We both had "real" sushi for the first time! And we probably ate enough of it to last us another 20 years... but it was yummy. We also had a few fun dates night, both out in Provo and just staying in. We can both be homebodies when it comes to relaxing, so we always look forward to a Redbox and freshly popped popcorn!

Overall, February was pretty good second month of the year: busy, constantly changing, but at the same time, familiar. I was terrible at taking pictures, unfortunately, but nothing really big happened, either. We're both excited for March! It's sure to be a good one.

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