Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking smart...

I broke my left contact. Most people would just brush this aside, saying, "Oh sweetie, that's fine. Just use the one for tomorrow and it'll even out eventually.".... I wear hard contacts guys. Meaning I only have one contact per eye. One. Until my prescription changes, I don't get new ones. So since I broke my left contact while cleaning it Sunday morning, I am forced to either be one-eyed blind (which just makes you dizzy... I know from experience) or wear my glasses. Glasses win! I love my glasses, but I just never wear them out very much. Reason: I think they are actually men's glasses, which is why they are awesome, but the frames are a little bit big. Whenever I tip my head down slightly, they slip down the brim of my nose. I can ignore this for a while, but eventually they either just slip all the way off or I look up to talk to someone, and I look like a nerdy librarian bitty with glasses at the end of her nose. So cute, no? Luckily my mom is going to order a new contact down in Texas, but it takes about a week and a half to get them, plus the mail up here to Provo. So if you see me over the next few weeks with glasses at the very end of my nose, please still be my friend. Kindly give me two seconds to push them back up the bridge of my nose, then think, "Oh those are smart little glasses!" Ok so I guess that second part is a personal choice, but it's my prerogative to supply possible ideas of what you can think of me.

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