Thursday, March 15, 2012

3.14 Happy Pi Day!

So even though I am no longer a math major (yes, I was one for two whole semesters... still wanna be friends?), I am still a huge fan of pi day! I'm obsessed with numbers and any cool patterns that they form. For instance, my birthday is April 16th, 4/16. First of all, 4 is the square root of 16, so that's already awesome because my birthday is a perfect square. And my favorite number is 8, which is the double of 4 and the half of 16. And my golden birthday was my sweet sixteen--how much better can that get, right? And the year of my birth is also divisible by 4, so my whole birthday can divide down. And my Grandma told me that I'm distantly related to Abraham Lincoln, and guess which number of US President he was?....16! I'm obsessed with numbers. I memorize addresses, telephone numbers, scripture references, and ID numbers by forming patterns and equations. Maybe two sequential numbers add up to the value of the third number, or the sequence is almost the Fibonacci series. Whatever it is, I look for something that will help me remember it. I don't even do it consciously--I just look at numbers and automatically start making connections and patterns. I think it all started in elementary school when my math teacher Mrs. Anderson would put a series of numbers on the board, and we had to use any type of mathematical operation between the numbers to make two equal sides of the equation. Here's an example:
3  0  5  1  2  7  4

One solution is this:
3 x 0 + 5 x 1 = 2 + 7 - 4

See, both sides now equal 5! This is a really simple solution, not very sophisticated math, but I thought it was pretty good for not having the number planned out or anything. But I digress. I think it is now obvious that I like numbers and math, even though it's no longer my major. So naturally I celebrated Pi Day. Since Whit and I didn't have any pie at our apartment, we decided to get the next best thing: pie shakes at Sammy's. Sammy's is a Provo gem: it's this tiny hole in the wall restaurant that is fun, artsy, and serves the best sweet potato fries and shakes. They are especially famous for their pie shakes and cupcake shakes, and yes, they actually put a piece of pie or cupcake into the shake and blend it up. How much better could it get? Once we got there, though, it seemed like half of Provo also had the same idea as we did... but don't worry we still got out shakes. Whit and I also dragged our friend Carter along with us, so we got three different flavors: banana cream pie (Carter), peach cobbler (me), and raspberry cheesecake (Whit). They were all really good, but I'm not going to lie, I really really just liked mine a whole lot. I didn't really want to share. Luckily we're all friends so I could just be honest about it, but I did still let Carter and Whit have a few bites of mine while I stole a few bites of theirs. Divine. And the best part was that we did this all at the spur of the moment around 11 pm. I definitely think Sammy's pie shakes is a Pi Day holiday tradition that I wouldn't mind keeping for years to come. 

Whit and Carter with their shakes
Happy 3.14!

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