Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I’m currently writing this on the plane (in a word doc, then I’ll upload later). I got to the airport at about 8:30 this morning, and my mom’s flight was little later, so she just came at the same time. I feel like we didn’t really say goodbye though. I mean we did, but we said goodbye then I went and sat at gate A4 with the group and she sat at A1 for her flight. So it was kinda odd being there with my mom, but not being with her. But she was able to see me get safely on the plane, so I hope that has calmed her nerves a little. I tried to be pretty social in the airport and meet people. I think we all have the basic conversation format down: What’s your name? Where are you from? What are you studying? How far along are you in school? etc. The basic stuff. I think it’s funny though cause we all have name tags, but we still ask what names. It’s definitely the polite way to do it, but it does seem a little redundant to look at a person, see their name tag, then ask what their name is. Just my opinion. I decided to remedy this by just saying, Hi my name is Cassie! Then it’s up to them to answer with their name if they wish (it would be waaayyyy awkward if they didn’t), and I’ve started the conversation. Then it doesn’t look like I can’t read their name right on the front of their shirt. I was pretty pleased with my method. I meet people, seem friendly, and show that I’m literate. Mission accomplished. 
The plane is Phoenix is smaller, and a little more than half the group is on it, headed to Philly. The rest of the group left earlier this morning and are going through JFK. I’ve never been to the Philly airport (and I have been to JFK), so that’s another airport I can cross off the list! I really should start keeping a list of all the airports I’ve been to. I don’t count going to the airport as going to the country or state, so there are a bunch that I probably forget that I’ve been to. I think it would be a pretty comprehensive list. The flight to Phoenix has been extremely short (already starting the initial descent). We only have a little bit until the flight to Philly. I’m not quite sure how long this blog entry will be because flying on an airplane is pretty standard, no matter how long the flight is. I don’t know if my updates will be that exciting. But I’ll probably write some more on the leg from Philly to Tel Aviv. I mean, it’s not like I’ll be hurting for time or anything... I’ll have 11 hours to not go crazy. Awesome. I’m exaggerating, it;s really not bad flying for long periods of time, at least in my opinion. I’ve always loved flying and being in airports. One thing I need to do on my flight though is read Genesis 1-20. This is our first assignment! I’m actually really excited to read it! I mean, of course it’s always good to read scriptures, but now that I’m headed to where it’s taking place, it’s a little more exciting. I will probably be paying a bit more attention than I normally would.

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