Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome August!

Wow... I can't believe it's already August!! Which means less than a month until Jerusalem :) It's starting to feel pretty surreal that I'm going to be living halfway around the world in less than thirty days, in a country where I don't speak the language, don't know where anything is, and only know the people that will be with me from BYU (whom I will have only met the day before)! I'm not feeling too nervous though, just excited. I've been a busy shopper with my mom as we look for things that will be appropriate for me to wear. The dress code is very strict as we need to respect the culture of Israel, so higher necklines, longer sleeves, nothing tight, and nothing higher than mid-calf. Obviously, I had some shopping to do! It's not that I dress immodestly or anything; I actually try very hard to wear conservative, fashionable, and modest clothes that fit well and cover everything they should. But I needed to acquire some pants and tops that aren't as tight and tops that have a little higher neckline. It's difficult because I want to pack a wide assortment of clothes so that I don't get bored of them over the course of three and a half months, but you can only fit so much in a suitcase :/ I'll post some pictures later in the month of everything that I'm taking.

Other things to look forward to this month: Leaving for Utah next week, Paul's college graduation, more shopping probably, activities in Utah, baby Caitlin's 1 year old party celebration, Jerusalem Orientation, and the Departure!!

This past weekend I played "Mom" for a family at my church while the parents had a little weekend getaway. They were so great! But I definitely have a new appreciation for moms in general. It was my first time to do a sleepover nanny job, so I was on duty 24 hours a day for 4 days. It's hard to think of fun activities to do during the hot summer for little girls! Not to mention making food, feeding them, clothing them, bathing them, calming them, quelling fights over what's fair in BarbieWorld, etc. I was pretty tired after the weekend! I am so lucky that the girls were so well-behaved, patient, and loving. I don't think I could've done it otherwise! I am thankful for my mom who always takes care of me, from when I was little and wanted to play Barbies and "house" all day, to now when I'm just home from college for the summer. I love her and I definitely have a little more understanding of what she had to deal with when my sisters and I were younger! Thanks Mom :)

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