Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday was orientation (which was fortunately not as boring as expected). It just got me so excited to leave! We basically just went over all the rules again, which wasn’t too great, but I did meet my roommates and some other people that are going. It was mostly just exciting though because I actually started to feel like I was leaving. It was hard to be in Provo on the first day of school and not really be a part of it! Everyone else was so excited for their new classes and apartments, and I didn’t have those experiences this year. It was really weird. So, orientation was nice to kind of get me really believing that I’m leaving and spending the semester in the Holy Land. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m scared or nervous, and I just honestly answer that I’m not! I almost think that I’m not because I haven’t thought about it enough. I mean, of course I’ve thought about all the cool things I’m going to see and the people I’ll meet, but it was all more like just daydreaming and hoping, not actually making plans and being serious. But now it is. It’s real. I’m on a plane going to Phoenix. Which will then go to Philadelphia. Which will then land in Tel Aviv. News flash: I’m going to Jerusalem! 
Last night I had a little going away party up at Cortney’s house. We just had desserts and chatted. It was really fun to see some of my friends before I leave, and it was so nice of them to drive all the way up to my sister’s house on a school night and everything. For desserts, we had cookies and cupcakes! The cupcakes were from this little shop called Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe in Provo, and they were so yummy. They have really creative flavors, so it’s fun to try them all! My favorite from last night was the Ultimate Brownie. It was basically like a cream cheese brownie cupcake with malted marshmallows and chocolate frosting. Amazing. It was so good. We also got Red Velvet, Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake, Love Potion, Oreo, and Better Than Whatever. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Provo area. 
Tonight is going to be a long night of packing. My suitcase is now around 50, but I’m having trouble fitting the rest of the stuff in my carry on. Mom is a miracle worker though, so I’m sure we’ll figure it out. It just might cut into our beauty sleep a little.

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